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repair: propaganda art

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We talked a bit in class about the use of art to ‘repair ‘ society, in particular the use of clothing in colonial Australia. I think that this is a really interesting idea, as it acknowledges the power art has in affecting the way people think and behave. This can be particularly seen in propaganda art, in which a message is promoted in a fairly explicit way. In order to be successful, propaganda art has to appealing to the audience. If people like the art, then they are more likely to agree with the ideas that art is selling.

I really like the imagery of Chinese communist posters, particularly from the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s and 70s. These images have a huge amount of movement and energy in them, often created through the use of strong linear mark making and a simple but bold colour pallet.

The Chinese government also used art to promote certain values and behaviours. I really like this example of a poster promoting respect towards the elderly from 1973. The illustration uses warm, friendly colours. The style of the image is a gentle, idealised reality in which all people look happy. These characteristics all go towards making the image more appealing, and from this you can see how it promotes the idea that if a child behaves like the girl in the painting then they will be happy too.

The poster below, from the late 1960s, promotes the many advantages of marrying late (and thus promoting birth/population control). Again it is interesting to see the bold artistic style and the way in which it presents an idea in a simple, easy to understand way.


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April 10, 2011 at 6:42 am

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