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recycling: pre loved teddy bears

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Using recycling as part of an artistic practise is a really common way (or at least I think) that contemporary artists use the theme of repair in their work. Due to this I think that I may split this idea up over a couple of posts so that I can look at a few more artists.

Recycling is the process of taking items that have fulfilled their original purpose (anything from old milk bottles, newspaper, clothes to electrical items) and giving them a new life by placing them in a new context. This is important, particularly in contemporary Western culture where we produce huge amounts of waste each year. The process of recycling can be seen as being a form of repair, fixing (through changing) the purpose of the object. In a broader sense, for many artists there is also an element of environmental repair, through restricting their work to use objects that would otherwise just be rubbish.

The first artist that I want to look at who works under the theme of repair through recycling is Agustina Woodgate. Woodgate works in a range of mediums, although I think that her textile work (mainly in the form of rugs created by sticking sections of textiles together) is really strong and contemporary. These rugs have been created through sewing together old teddy bears. I love the vibrance and graphic design of these pieces, I think it works well as it is not immediately clear what they have been made out of.

These rugs designs are also based around traditional animal skin rug designs. Through no longer using living animal fur, the artist could also be seen as making a comment about repairing the relationship between humans and animals. Trying to move away from the strong history of violence that humans have perpetrated against their prey.


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April 18, 2011 at 6:10 am

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